Genau Extrusions is capable of designing and developing net shape / near net shape products using most advanced softwares like Solid works & Simulation software -Simufact.

Value engineering

At Genau, ‘Value Engineering’ is done by a creative, team-based approach which allows us to generate many alternatives to the existing solution. It is used in our Production and Development Process for reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving quality and reducing time to manufacture. Using a variety of recognized tools, our team of professionals communicates across boundaries, understand different perspectives, innovate, and analyse every aspect of a process by the function it performs, identify and extract only the necessary functions. We can introduce Value Engineering (VE) at any point in the life cycle of products, systems, or procedures and help our customers compete more effectively in local, national and international markets and achieve best ROI.

Innovation & Development

GENAU offers its customers innovative processes to best meet market requirements for quality, cost and capacity. Various innovative solutions have already been put in place by the Engineeringteam which are constantly working to propose and test these processes.

Beyond its mastery of forging, technical expertise and the reliability of its processes make GENAU the benchmark supplier of complete mechanical solutions for customers.

The development of products and processes is embedded in the DNA of GENAU.

The teams in place at the Engineering division have the means of design, simulation and prototyping to offer our customers the most advanced technical and economic solution. All this for one purpose: to develop technical solutions to meet the changing demands of customers.

The proximity of development and production teams to industrial sites is helped by cross sector project management organizations. This management method makes it possible to respect customer commitments, but also internally, by integrating manufacturing constraints from the design stage.


Over the years Genau Extrusions has created most challenging capacities and capabilities. Our forging facilities consists of press lines ranging from 100T to 3000T Hydraulic & 80T – 500 T Mechanical. All the forging press lines are highly flexible, which gives the company the intrinsic advantage to instantaneously meet different customer demands and optimize production.

Tool & Die Manufacturing

Genau Extrusions has its own tool room sophisticated with special machines for Grinding & Polishing, wire EDM, Spark EDM etc..

Heat Treatment

Genau Extrusions has in house facility for Annealing and Surface Treatment. We have 7 Furnaces (Sealed Quench Furnace & Rotary Furnace) and 2 Surface treatment lines. We handle 4500 Tons/ Month.


Machine shop comprise of 30 CNC machine to carryout all machining operation, Internal grinding, Centreless grinding with high accuracy and stringent quality.

Inspection & Testing

Genau Extrusions has state-of-the-art advanced Inspection &testing facility to ensure higher and consistent level of quality.
Testing facility includes Contour graph, CMM,Profile projector, Micro Vickers hardness tester etc…
This enables Genau Extrusionsto provide complete end-to-end solutions to its customers from product conceptualization to designing and finally manufacturing, validation & testing.